Waste Water Treatment Systems
Waste Water Treatment Systems
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Waste Water Treatment Products
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Any Time Water Machine
Fontus Water Pvt Ltd is a leading turnkey solution provider of water and wastewater treatment systems in India. With its decade old experience and expertise in the Indian industrial, buildings and the government segments, Fontus Water extends its philosophy of providing complete solutions in water & wastewater management. Fontus Water has developed the ergo range of Water treatment solutions keeping in mind major concerns felt in the Conventional Water treatment systems. “ergo” is one name for convenience, Plug and Play, Quick Ship and Most Efficient Water treatment systems. Due to their ergonomic design, Minimum Footprint and Easy Maintenance, ergo systems are hassle free unlike the conventional Water treatment systems. Fontus Water started with ergo Softeners and ergo RO’s and further added potential products like ergo HPN and ergo DM to the ergo product range
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