Waste Water Treatment Systems
Waste Water Treatment Systems
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Textile Industry Water Treatment Solutions
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Automotive Industry
Automotive Industry Water Treatment Solutions

Industry Overview:

Indian Auto Component manufacturing industry is one of the front runners for grabbing the global auto component outsourcing marketers as it has a potential to manufacture a range of automotive components (about 2000 in number) from fasteners to engine parts.

Significance of Water:

With this, the Automotive Component manufacturers are adopting international standards in terms of their operating procedures so as to comply by the environmental guidelines. Effectively managing water and maintaining its quality becomes a major prerequisite for establishing a niche in a cut throat competition.

Revolutionize your Operations with Fontus Solutions:

Our tested and proven applications include high purity water for critical areas of operation like e-coat and assembly plant paint lines, wastewater treatment, water recovery and Zero Liquid discharge.

Our Typical Applications include:

Body Shop Paint Shop Electroplating
Body Shop   Paint Shop   Electroplating
» Reverse Osmosis
» Softening
» Demineralization
  » Reverse Osmosis
» Effluent Treatment Plant
» Recycling Plant
  » Reverse Osmosis
» Chemical Dosing & pH    Dosing
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Sewage Treatment Plant Kalpataru Construction Overseas, Mumbai
Sewage Water Treatment Plant (STP) and make it fit for reusing as toilet flushing, as landscaping irrigation water and partially as make-up water for building's central air- conditioning cooling towers.
Sewage Treatment Plant Narsi Creations, Gurgaon
NARSI was generating 120m3 of sewage per day which was discharged into the Municipal sewer line. They had a regular need for fresh water to keep their parks green.
Sewage Treatment Plant Trehan Developers, Bhiwadi
In their society "Hill View Garden" at Bhiwadi, Trehan Developers decided to install Sewage treatment Plant to provide recycled water for their green parks.
Group Housing Society Reuses Sewage For
Its Water Needs
As one of the leading water treatment expert in the building sector, Fontus Water designed, built and installed a sewage recycling plant to meet Carol Group Housing Society's requirement.
Green Building Recycles Black And Grey Water By Innovative Technology
Domestic Sewage is generated from the apartment's toilets, baths, showers, kitchens and storm water drains that is disposed of via sewers. The total sewage capacity is about 80 kilolitres per day.